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Winter is more than just a season; it's an opportunity to break boundaries, to explore majestic snow-clad slopes, and to experience an adrenaline rush like no other. And what better way to seize the moment than with the perfect set of skis or a snowboard? At our rental shop, we believe in giving you the best, and our Demo Rental Program is a testament to that belief. Not only do you get to try before you buy, but we also sweeten the deal for you!

How It Works

  1. Try Before You Buy: For just $80 a day, you can rent and try any of our top-tier demo skis or snowboards. Find what suits your style and needs the best.

  2. Seal The Deal: Fall in love with your demo choice? Great! When you decide to purchase the ski or snowboard you've demoed, we'll deduct the cost of your rental from the purchase price. That's right; your experience comes with savings!

  3. Easy Online Booking: Ready to hit the slopes? Click the button to book your rental online and make sure to select the "Demo" category to dive into our elite offerings.

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Brands Available for Demo Rentals:


  • RMU
  • Salomon
  • K2
  • Rossignol
  • Black Crows
  • Faction


  • Rossignol
  • Capita
  • K2
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